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• Friday, March 25th, 2011

By – Taylor Lachance

The weekend is fast approaching, and youÔÇÖve got dinner plans with friends. They decide youÔÇÖre picking the restaurant, but it has to be somewhere new. You think, where could I take them where they would ooooh and ahhh all night? Somewhere that would wow them.

Make your way into downtown Ottawa, and pop in to the newly renovated Grill 41, located in the Lord Elgin Hotel. Giving off a warm, elegant vibe, and featuring a wide variety of menu options, Grill 41 is a hit.

Grill 41 also features a private dining room, ideal for small group gatherings, meetings and banquets.

But itÔÇÖs not just the atmosphere and menu choices that make Grill 41 OttawaÔÇÖs new it place to be, itÔÇÖs the friendly staff, beautifully presented plates, and exquisite food. The staff is polite, efficient and make you feel very welcome. The food prepared by new chef Brian Vallipuram, looks almost too divine to eat when placed in front of you.

Take a peek for yourself though with these pictures of the restaurant and menu items. Picture yourself, with a loved one or friend on Friday after work, glass of wine in hand, relaxing after a long dayÔÇÖs work. With each plate served, your taste buds will be teased and a week of stress will slip away. Sounds good, doesnÔÇÖt it?

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