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• Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Before starting my job here at the Lord Elgin I had a small appreciation for this city. I complained there wasn’t a lot to do or wasn’t anything going on, but really it was because I didn’t check to see the events and festivals happening around Ottawa. Now that it is my job to know, I have a better appreciation for how much this city has to offer.

This past weekend was National Capital Craft Beer Week and I had the opportunity to go and check out some local breweries and they did not disappoint. I had a great time trying new beers, talking to some of the brewers and just meeting new people, I am so glad I went. The Ottawa Folk Festival is another one I have discovered. This festival has been going on for years but the lineup has gotten better and better and is attracting people from all age groups. Our museums are getting new, interesting exhibits (Star Wars anyone?) and every festival just seems to be getting bigger and better each year. Oktoberfest and Ottawa Wine and Food festival are two of the most popular happening in Ottawa during the fall (Folk Fest too of course) and those too are ever expanding. Ottawa has something for everyone, you just have to get out there and explore.

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