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• Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Once a year at least, the sales team gather to talk about what we hope to achieve next year and how we plan to get there. It is always a great day, with a ton on ideas put on the table and tons of optimism and hope.

I have a super team…no kidding!! They are pro’s – they work hard, they support and recognize each other’s wins and feel for their losses and they keep an open mind – always ready to learn and try new things.

So we talked alot about who the Lord Elgin Hotel is…what we stand for – how we differentiate ourselves. I talked about our history, as I have been around the hotel (there, away and always back again) for over 30 years. There are some fabulous stories!! It is a feeling…like it’s home. Hard to put into words…but we all feel it.

So as an Ottawa landmark that many of your are familiar with… I invite you to share with me what you think of when you think of the Lord Elgin Hotel? What would be your slogan??

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