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• Friday, December 21st, 2012

We have had the pleasure of having a co-op student with us who has been a regular contributor to our blog, as you can see below. Her name is Ariana and she attends Glebe Collegiate. She also tweets for us and fills out facebook page with wonderful photos and cute stories, or comments…

As soon as I met Ariana and received her resume and an email, I was very anxious to meet her. Her co-op teacher called me and raved about her. We met one day and her enthusiasm and fabulous smile as well as incredibly positive nature was so impressive, I could not say no. I have had college students here doing their co-op placement, but never a high school student.

Well, Ariana is a special individual. She bikes or walks to the hotel each day, often with her father who keeps her company. She is incredibly conscientious – willing to give up playing with her volleyball team if it interfered with her work here. She is always so willing to try new things and so appreciative of her experience, as you can see in her blog. Her parents have raised her to be an incredibly considerate, hard working, fun-loving girl… kudos to them!

Ariana, you are like a ray of sunshine and a joy to have around – thank you!!!


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