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• Friday, February 04th, 2011

Thursday, February 3rd marked the kick off for the campaign for Heart and Stroke Foundation. The Lord Elgin was approached and gladly agreed to illuminate the hotel in red for the month of February in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. At 5pm yesterday, we turned on the æredÆ and will leave them on for the rest of the month in support of this much needed cause. The Residence Inn by Marriott has joined us in this campaign and will also be lit in red during the month of February. We are both owned by the same company and share in many of our initiatives.
While I was at a conference today in a session on Social Media, the speaker made a very important point that made me think about our hotel. She (Tara Hunt) spoke of ægenerosityÆ and how important it is in gaining a following on Social Media. It was akin to the philosophy of æpaying it forwardÆ . It struck a chord with me, as it something our hotel has stood for through the years and is one of the main reasons I have chosen to work at the Lord Elgin.
We have been part of this community for 70 years now and have some very deep ties. Much of our success is due to the partnerships we have and mutual support we get from the festivals and organizations that we support and the arts community that we sponsor. I recall 30 years ago, when I was a reservation agent here for my summer job, Sister Gertrude Wadsworth walking into Don BlaksleeÆs office (the General Manager who was here for over 50 years) to arrange for donation of beds and bedding for her summer camps. She was by often for support. Don had created that reputation in the community. The Boys and Girls Club were always dropping by as well as other clubs and charities. We have given away rooms for Remembrance Day for the families coming to Ottawa to mark that special day, we started the ChefÆs Charity CafÚ , as well as sponsored choral groups, artists, festivals, galleries, NCC, NAC media and more. We gave away over 300 roomnights last year in donations to charities, both in Ottawa and outside our city. We recognize that the more we support our community, the stronger we are together and I mean that sincerely. It is the festivals, the gallieries and museums, the arts community and the beauty of this city that make us a vibrant place to live and visit. It all comes back around!
The family that owns our hotel is more generous than we all know. Pat Gillin, who passed away over a year ago, was a quiet giver û to his community, his school – University of New Brunswick, his church and to many causes that were close to his heart. That tradition continues today.
So with the red lights on tonight, the tradition continuesà and I am proud to be part of it all.

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