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• Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Last March, as some of you know, we had a promotion called “Dreaming of Diamonds”, where once a week one guest would open a card that had a lucky ticket to win one of four diamond rings we were giving away that month. It worked wonderfully well, except that many people were so skeptical, they actually threw the ticket out. What a shame!

One of our lucky winners, Pamela Fralick, with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, took her diamond ring and decided to put it to good use. She donated it to her Association to be used in one of their fundraisers. Today, she checked in (she is a regular guest) and told us that ring raised over $7,000 for her organization. I was so thrilled! What a good news story and one I wanted to share. We may be on to something. Perhaps when we run the promotion next year, we should challenge the winners to see who can raise more funds than Pamela did in ’07.
So ladies and gents, when you stay in ’08 when we are running our Diamond promotion and there is an envelope on the pillow, don’t be a skeptic. Open it. It really could be your lucky day!

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