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• Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Each year my family and I go cut down our very own Christmas tree. It is always a huge mission. Unfortunately, this year it was raining, so it was a bit wet, but we managed. The first part of the adventure is driving to the tree farm. Once we arrive we have to pick one, this is the tricky part. Of course I always want a huge tree that will take up the whole room, but my parents disagree, they always try to convince me to get a really small one. So, we have to compromise on a medium size one and it always works out. This part of the adventure takes the longest, roaming around the farm trying to find the tree which will be in our home for the next month or so. Eventually, we find one that stands out. Not too big or small, no empty parts and just the perfect colour. I have to cut it down with the saw, which takes only a few minutes. Afterwards, we pile the tree onto the roof of our car and we are on our way.

Once we arrive at home, we are just about soaked completely, but we have to take care of a few other important jobs first. Get the stand out and place the tree in it, water it and make sure that the tree does not fall on anyone (this has happened before). Next, we have to deal with one of the more difficult parts, which is finding the good Christmas C.D. Each and every year we forget which one it is and this takes up a lot of our time. Once it is found, we can begin decorating our soaking wet tree. After that long process we are finished. Our tree looks incredible and even though it was a long and tiring job, it is all worth it in the end!


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