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• Thursday, May 29th, 2014

My name is Tess MacLellan and I am a social media intern at the historic Lord Elgin Hotel located in downtown Ottawa. As a public relations student at Algonquin College, I am passionate about great food, family and friends, and working hard. Each week, I will be featuring a different neighbourhood and restaurant in Ottawa to showcase all the amazing and diverse treasures this city has to offer. Discover new and exciting possibilities through The Lord Elgin Hotel’s blog!

It may seem hard to believe, but every weekend the ByWard Market has 50,000 people walking it’s sidewalks during summer. For some, the Market is a place to go for some nightlife fun and amusement. For others, it is a place to purchase fresh, local fruits and vegetables. I have spent the day touring around to find out what the ByWard Market is really about.

For starters, It is beneficial to know a little history about the Market. It was established in 1826 by Lieutenant-Colonel John By, the same man who designed the Rideau Canal. The ByWard Market includes George Street North, Dalhousie Street from George to Cathcart, and Sussex Drive East to Cumberland Street West. Originally, the Lieutenant-Colonel designed George Street North and York Street to be extra wide to accommodate the horse drawn carriages that came through to make deliveries to the Market.

It was a beautiful day on Tuesday, the sun was shining and there was a light breeze in the air. Perfect for touring around outside. On first arrival, I could hear the strums of a guitar echoing. I could feel all the culture this place had to offer almost immediately.

The Market has so much to offer from fresh fruits and vegetables to lush flowers, jewelry, and clothing. The colours are so vibrant and pretty you cannot help yourself but be totally mesmerized by what is around you. Everyone working in the Market was extremely friendly and helpful making shopping and visiting downtown Ottawa a joyful experience.

I made my way to the ByWard Market Square, the central part of the Market where most of the action is. This building houses many different vendors, such as women’s and children’s clothing to food and cafés. My favourite place to visit was Moulin de Provence, an attractive spot amongst tourists since this was where U.S. President Barack Obama visited during his time in Ottawa in 2009.

As I continued on my journey I was able to find lots of great shops for clothing and accessories. Frou Frou, the Sassy Bead Co., and Tickled Pink are just some of my favourites to browse through. The kiosks along the streets also have some great finds at even better prices. Whether you are looking for something small or large, there is something for everyone.

After walking around for a few hours, you are probably going to be looking for a nice place to sit, eat, and relax. I know I was. The ByWard Market has an endless supply of restaurants and patios to choose from. There is something there for everyone whether you visit the Market during the day and venture for entertainment at night, there are lots of different options.

For more information on all the ByWard Market has to offer, be sure to check out or the ByWard Market Facebook page at

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• Thursday, February 02nd, 2012

ItÔÇÖs time to take a break from this cold weather, call up a baby-sitter for the kids and have a little celebration with your loved one. Celebrating is a great way to relieve stress and get your mind off of work, school, kids, ect. This year for ValentineÔÇÖs Day take a night off and do something wild. Get away for the night, and enjoy being catered to.

Hotels are booming around ValentineÔÇÖs Day because everyone wants to get away and have someone cater to them. The Lord Elgin has amazing romance packages that will knock your socks off. This year there is a special steamy romance package available from the 5th- 19th. We will provide everything for a romantic and intimate evening. You even get red roses on arrival in your room! DonÔÇÖt miss out on this one. Check out this amazing package on our website.

It’s easy to make a great night on the town if you decide to go for a romantic skate on the Rideau Canal and then get a Beavertail, after come back to the hotel and relax. There are also many restaurants that will have great deals for ValentineÔÇÖs that are affordable for everyone. Even if you donÔÇÖt feel like spending money you can always walk around town together, go skating, or even stay in and watch some cute movies with some popcorn. As long as youÔÇÖre with the one you want to be with, it will be a perfect ValentineÔÇÖs Day no mater what.

Our package for Valentine’s Day –

We want to know how you will spend your ValentineÔÇÖs Day. Tweet at us @lordelginhotel or write on our Facebook page to let us know.

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Author: Christine
• Tuesday, February 01st, 2011

Back in October of last year I got a call from the General Hospital in Ottawa. At the age of 56, my father had been brought in after suffering from a heart attack and was going to be staying a few days for observation. It was scary to think something like this could take such a close family member, and mentor of mineà.and so unexpectedly!

This is one reason why I am very proud to say that this year the hotel is going to be lighting up red for the month of February in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation and all the fantastic volunteers and donors they have. Where would we be without all of these people?

It is such a small part we are playing in directing peopleÆs attention to Heart Month. The real heroes are the oneÆs who have given their time, money and devotion to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. We are happy to be kicking-off Heart Month in Ottawa and taking the first step forward for another year of life-saving research.

We feel so lucky to be one of the two landmark locations in the city to be a part of Heart Month this year (the other is Residence Inn by Marriott) and want to invite everyone out to celebrate all the great volunteers and donors who have helped out the Heart and Stroke Foundation. February 3rd at 5pm we are lighting up the hotel redàcome show your support for healthy hearts!

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Author: Christine
• Thursday, January 27th, 2011

We pride ourselves on the elegant nature of the hotel, but for one day we are going to throw elegance out the window and have some sexy, flirty fun! Valentines Day offers the perfect opportunity to do this…and still get away with it.

We know that things can get a little….uh, boring after a while (luckily for us women, ValentineÆs Day doesnÆt fall on Football Sunday this year). WeÆve tried the traditional way of doing things and found them to be quit successful but by making it a bit more exciting we hope to really amp up the romance for some lucky couples.

I speak from experience when I say, even though you may be stuck in town for V-Day, itÆs still great to get away for the night, and enjoy having your every need catered to. Our ôBe My Valentineö package is an added bonus! Who can say no to chocolate covered strawberries, exotic bath and message oils, and breakfast in bed? I know I canÆt.

(Baby-sitter not included)

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• Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Ottawa has become a real æfoodieÆ cityàwith fantastic chefÆs and cuisine that rivals many major cities of North America. OttawaÆs Celebrity Chef Event at the NAC is proof that we have some of the best chefÆs in our town and we are loving it!

The Lord Elgin is so excited to announce the arrival of our new chef, Brian Vallipuram on January 24th. Brian is coming to us all the way from Panorama BC where he has been Executive Chef at Panorama Resort for two years. Prior to that, he has worked at the Ritz Carleton in Jamaica as well as Axcess & 1055 Restaurant and Catering. Most notably, Brian spent over 10 years as Executive Chef at the highly reputed restaurant, North 44 in Toronto, where he lead a large team that serviced both the restaurant, but also the catering business and played a vital role in the opening event of the Air Canada Centre for the Premier and 1000 of his guests.

BrianÆs resume contains a very extensive list of certificates and awards he has received over his career, among them, the Canadian Red Seal Certificate. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia adding that global influence to his culinary talents.

We are honoured to have him with us and hope you can come by to sample his creations in the coming months.

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Author: Christine
• Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Cranky kids, traffic, delayed flights, security lines and LONG hours are all things many people experience while travelling. While these things are all unavoidable and absolutely no fun, nothing is worse than finally getting to your hotel room, excited for a good nightÆs sleep and getting into a bed that you cannot get comfortable in. You toss and turn and wake up cranky.

We recognize how important a good sleep is, in fact, it is the most important factor guests say in their determination of hotel choice. For this reason, we have just purchased brand new fabulous beds for each and every room in the hotel. We sampled over 10 different beds before selecting what we found to be the very best in comfort and quality û a Simmons« Beautyrest Signature II Plush. What I would do to take a nap on one right now….

With Winterlude fast approaching we will have a very busy hotel in February. To ensure everyone has the very best experience this year, we are bringing in over 500 new beds in time for the kick-off for Winterlude. Taking out and replacing over 500 beds, while at the same time organizing available rooms for a busy hotel during this process is not an easy task. Our housekeeper however is quite amazing and has it all under control.

So we hope you enjoy sleeping on a cloud, because with these new beds there is no such thing as waking up on the wrong side. ENJOY!

VIDEO-Lord Elgin Bed Jump

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• Thursday, October 30th, 2008

The Stars were all in alignment last night, when the Lord Elgin Hotel won top prize at the Stars of the City Gala. We are all still on a high today – what a fabulous night!!

With over 400 Stars awarded, the hotel was one of three finalists for Star Property of the year. We had quite the presence – nearly 60 of the hotel staff – almost all of whom were ‘Stars’, attended the event and we were not quiet. Every time our name appeared on the screen, we stood up and cheered like little kids – clapping and cheering!! Not only did we win Star Property, but the hotel had 3 finalists in different categories – all big Stars in their own right and the Evening Star went to our very own Christopher Ward. Chris, who works at our front desk, is one of those guys who just genuinely likes to help people and is always going above and beyond. He alone received over 49 nominations for Stars – an all time record says Ottawa Tourism.

FYI – Stars of the City is a program that Ottawa Tourism started years ago whereby visitors to our city can nominate those people that truly stand out. The program also delivers training that all of our staff can participate in, that encourages great service.

You know the really nice thing to see was when Chris won, each one of us went over to congratulate him. We were so happy for him. He truly deserved the award!! But it was also a testament to what great people I get to work with everyday at this hotel – truly committed people who love what they do. It’s also a testament to a great boss, our fearless leader, David Smythe, who really ignites all of the employees at the LE. He is a great champion for his team!!

Thank you to all our guests for the Stars!! You made our year!!

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• Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Each year since itÆs opening, the Lord Elgin has hosted thousands of soldiers û those on active duty and veterans, as they come to Ottawa on military business, or to join with otherÆs to remember those who have lost their lives fighting for their country.

This year, we felt it was timely to do something special for our military and their families. The recent war on terror in Afghanistan has certainly created a heightened awareness of the difficulties our soldiers and their families face before, during and after their deployment. Personally, I have four sons, ranging in age from 17 to 22 and so I think of these families as they send their loved ones overseas and how difficult it must be.

And so, to honor the many Canadian soldiers past and present, this Remembrance Day we are offering a block of complimentary rooms (value of $199) to active military personnel and their families through the Military Families Fund, as well as offering extra rooms at a special discount for additional military families who would like to visit Ottawa during this yearÆs Remembrance Day services. Guests will also be asked to make a donation to help support the Military Families Fund during this period.

We actually have two web-cams on top of our hotel – one overlooking beautiful Confederation Park and the other with a clear view of the War Memorial, which is just two blocks north of the hotel. You can see both from our web-site home page where there is a link. So if you cannot make it to Ottawa for the ceremonies, you are welcome to take it in through our web-cam.

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• Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Last March, as some of you know, we had a promotion called “Dreaming of Diamonds”, where once a week one guest would open a card that had a lucky ticket to win one of four diamond rings we were giving away that month. It worked wonderfully well, except that many people were so skeptical, they actually threw the ticket out. What a shame!

One of our lucky winners, Pamela Fralick, with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, took her diamond ring and decided to put it to good use. She donated it to her Association to be used in one of their fundraisers. Today, she checked in (she is a regular guest) and told us that ring raised over $7,000 for her organization. I was so thrilled! What a good news story and one I wanted to share. We may be on to something. Perhaps when we run the promotion next year, we should challenge the winners to see who can raise more funds than Pamela did in ’07.
So ladies and gents, when you stay in ’08 when we are running our Diamond promotion and there is an envelope on the pillow, don’t be a skeptic. Open it. It really could be your lucky day!

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• Thursday, June 28th, 2007

davidjazzaward0194.jpg It was such a great night! We hosted a lovely reception in Confederation Park on Sunday evening (June 24th) and despite the cloud burst, our guests were kept dry and comfy under the protection of the tent we had compliments of our friends at the Ottawa International Jazz Festival.

As long-time sponsors of the Jazz Festival, we were able to invite our guests to a great night under the stars with the amazing drums of the Conga Kings – an 11 piece Rumba Group with 3 of the master congueros of Afro-cuban music. It was a great evening .. great music, fabulous food and drink and great company.

To our delight, this year, our partners at the Ottawa Jazz Festival awarded the Lord Elgin Hotel with the ‘Corporate Award of Distinction’. We have been working with the Jazz Festival for well over 10 years and it was so rewarding to have this award presented to us. With our location, it makes so much sense to give back to these festivals that provide the color and culture that make this a great town! Kudos to the unfailing efforts of people like Catherine O’Grady and the heads of all the other wonderful summer festivals and all those behind them for all they do to bring such fabulous entertainment to our city! We are proud to be a part of what you do!

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