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• Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Hi everyone! My name is Kiara Scrim, I’m a Public Relations student at Algonquin College. I am the Lord Elgin’s newest placement student, helping out with their social media sites, blog and other online channels. It’s very nice to meet you. 

As I took my express bus to my first day this past Monday, I did not know what to expect. What will I be doing? Will everyone be nice? Will I be in the way? Am I wearing the right clothes? All these questions were answered within the first five minutes of arriving. As soon as I pushed through the revolving doors, John, one the bellman, gave me a warming smile and said hello. His friendliness lifted a weight off my shoulders and I immediately felt more comfortable.

Next, I heard the familiar sound of high heels coming my way. Ann, Director of Sales and Marketing (and my boss!) came around the corner. Ann was the first person I met at The Lord Elgin. She is a welcoming, warm-hearted and stylish. Ann truly cares about the people she works around. Her motherly instincts were shown today when she gave me not one, but two scarfs to wear as I left to walk the Rideau Canal.

I also had the opportunity to spend time with Tessa and Liz, as their desks are right next to mine. Liz is hilarious, honest and great at baking. Tessa is young, vibrant and easy to talk to. I am so grateful to be working in the same room as them!

Right now, as I sip on the coffee I got at the Starbucks attached, I feel very professional. I have my own desk in the sales office because Maxine is on maternity leave, and it is really adding to the experience. I will be here until April and hope I can bring a creative flare and energy to The Lord Elgin! I look forward to spending time with more of the staff, building their social media presence (including YouTube videos) and doing anything I can to help out my coworkers.

Looking forward to blogging again,


PS- The photo attached is of me and Winterlude’s favourite mascot, the Ice Hog! Today was the first day the Rideau Canal opened. Brrrr!

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