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• Friday, January 18th, 2013

I have been maintaining The Lord Elgin Hotel’s social media sites for just about four months now. This is my main duty at the hotel and I love it so much! Each day I put up pictures, information and so much more onto Twitter and Facebook. Maintaining the pages is crucial, because before guests first come to the hotel, generally looking at the social media sites is an important tool. I really enjoy doing this job. The hotel is very unique and I like to show that on the social media sites. I try to share valuable information and I learn so much in the process. When I first started working at the hotel, I did not know anything about Twitter and now I could probably answer any questions about the website. Social media is a valuable tool and using it is very important. My absolute favourite part about working on the social media sites is putting my ideas out into the world and letting people know about the hotel! I have a wonderful opportunity here at The Lord Elgin Hotel and I feel honoured to represent the hotel in a big way.


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