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• Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Each week I work with the banquets team at least twice. It is so exciting seeing how conferences are really put together. There is always something to be doing, which makes it a different experience each day! The food has to be set out, coffee has to be prepared, decorations must be hung, and so much more. During the breaks the plates must cleared away and all of the water pitchers must be refilled to ensure a refreshing drink for the guests. There are so many things that go into preparing each room, but it is so much fun. I always enjoy helping out, it is such a rewarding job! Each person I work with has different tips for me and different ways of doing things. Each time help banquets I get better, but practice definitely makes perfect. The Lord Elgin Hotel ensures that each stay for every guest is perfect. By doing every little detail that we do while preparing the rooms, it makes it worth it. Thank you to everyone who has helped me in banquets!


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