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• Tuesday, October 09th, 2012


It has been another exciting week at The Lord Elgin Hotel. One of the highlights for me was working with the housekeeping team. Each day The Lord Elgin Hotel’s rooms are cleaned from top to bottom ensuring that they are perfect for each guest. The team is very professional and experienced. They know exactly what they are doing and leave each room spotless and looking magnificent. The staff works extremely hard and it is not easy at all. It is a difficult job making the hotel look as great as it does and they do this everyday! They vacuum, wash the floors, make the beds and ensure that each guest has everything they would need while staying overnight.

I really enjoyed the day I spent working with the housekeeping team. It was a great learning experience for me, and seeing how hard they work is what surprised me most. It is such an accomplishment after finishing a room, because I think of how much the guest will enjoy staying at the hotel. Working with housekeeping really changed my perspective of the entire Lord Elgin Hotel because it makes each experience perfect for their guests. I would like to thank the housekeeping team for taking me in and teaching me all the tricks. I had a really great time!


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