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• Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Today I wanted to go around town and learn a little more about hotels near by. I set up a time to meet with an intern at Hotel Indigo and we showed each other our hotels. It was nice to see the difference between my environment compared to theirs. Hotel Indigo was lovely and it was great to get my own personal tour and learn about the history of the hotel. I had the chance to meet the sales team and other staff around the hotel.

Blaize Shaw, who is another public relations student and who is doing the same placement as I am but at Hotel Indigo, showed me some rooms, the fitness centre and the spa which was apart of another hotel. Hotel Indigo has other hotels attached in it so it made it a little confusing to get around but we managed. It was nice to be able to see a few hotels in one.

I got the chance to show The Lord Elgin as well and it was a good experience to teach someone about a hotel and its history even though I am still learning. I enjoyed looking at other hotels and seeing the different between them all. It was a fun experience and was nice to catch up with a classmate.

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