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• Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Charities, non-profits and associations face unique challenges when booking hotels for meetings. As the Senior Sales Manager for the Lord Elgin Hotel, the question I get asked most by associations and non-profits organizations is how they can save money without compromising the success of their event. The answer is always the same; be flexible. The more a meeting planner knows about the busy and slow times for a hotel, the more they can tailor their event to fit into the slow periods. ItÔÇÖs all about supply and demand. By booking your conference into the slow periods, you will save enormous amounts of money.

So the next question is always ÔÇ£so when are the slow periods?ÔÇØ ItÔÇÖs not always what you think. For our hotel, the slowest period is the summer. As a downtown hotel, we rely primarily on business, government and association travel. Even though tourism travel goes up in the summer, it is not large enough to compensate for the drop in regular business-type travel. Organizations do less travel in the summer because their staff is on vacation. So, if you can plan your meeting July or August, we can offer you a lower rate.
But many organizations feel they canÔÇÖt meet in summer for the same reason. So whatÔÇÖs next? If you canÔÇÖt meet in summer, try to meet during the ÔÇ£shoulder months.ÔÇØ These are the months that arenÔÇÖt as busy as the prime months but not as slow as the summer. Generally, the busiest months are May, June, September, October and November. That means January, February March, April, and December are slower. However, February can still be quite busy with Winterlude so which days you plan to stay are critical. Finally, at any time of the year, a city-wide conference can fill the downtown core for a short time and drive the rates through the roof. Just think about the NHL All-Star game scheduled for January 27/28-2012.

So just remember that off-season is best to save money with an understanding that at any time, a hotel might be sold out for special event. Be flexible with your dates. Ask your sales manager if there is any need periods that come with a discount. They will gladly share that information with you and you both will come out a winner.
Next blog will be about which days of the week can save you money as well.

Andrew Horsfield
Senior Sales Manager
Associations, Non-profits

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• Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Winterlude is just around the corner and I donÔÇÖt know how everyone else feels about it but I love this time of year. Last year was my first time going to Winterlude and seeing it up-close. I never knew what it was really about or what happened at it, all I knew was there were neat ice sculptures and beavertails!

Last year my friends and I decided to go downtown and check it out and boy am I glad we did. We were shocked that there were so many sculptures and since we went at night we saw the fantastic lights. It was absolutely amazing and despite the cold we stayed far longer than we expected.

A few days later in photography class our teacher decided that we should go on a field trip to do an assignment on Winterlude. We went during the day to take photos and skate on the canal. That was the first time I saw The Lord Elgin Hotel and to be honest I thought it resembled a castle. I imagined that it was an upper class hotel and you had to be somebody big to be able to stay there. Its nice that I get the chance to have my placement here.

Winterlude has many events that bring the city together for the winter season. It makes families and friends spend time together, whether it be skating on the canal, eating beavertails, shopping or taking part in Winterlude, itÔÇÖs amazing that Ottawa holds these events to keep everyone together and take part in community events. This is one reason why I love Ottawa. Ottawa always has something going on that brings tourists from around Canada to gather in our capital for one reason or another and most continuously return.

I would recommend checking out Winterlude this season because last year was amazing and I can feel this year will be even more excellent. From the Lord Elgin Hotel I can simply walk over the Confederation Park where the Ice Carving Competition is held, which means each day Im at my internship while Winterlude is going on I will be able to look out the window and keep everyone updated.

Keep updated with me on Twitter @lordelginhotel and like our Facebook page for more photos and posts with information on the hotel and Winterlude.

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