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• Wednesday, April 06th, 2011

By- Taylor Lachance

The day we have all been waiting for, has finally arrived folks. The brand new Ottawa Convention Centre is due to open its doors on April 13th. We have been watching out our windows with anticipation as they put the finishing touches on this remarkable building ÔÇô so great to have exciting architecture such as this in our city!

The former Ottawa Congress Centre suited OttawaÔÇÖs needs in its early years, however OttawaÔÇÖs needs outgrew its capacity very quickly. The new centre will almost triple its hosting capacity, and draw delegates from all over the world to the nationÔÇÖs capital. We are finally on the radar for those large conventions and can showcase our great city to groups that we could not accommodate before.

The centre will have four different levels and we hear the view from the top floor is sensational – overlooking the Rideau Canal with sensational views of the Parliament Buildings and downtown Ottawa. They also have turbo speed elevators to get you to your meeting in record timeÔǪ they have not overlooked anything. They worked very hard to incorporate the latest in ÔÇÿgreenÔÇÖ technologies and practices and will be a model for the rest of us to follow ÔÇô kudosÔÇÖ to them!!

We are so excited to finally have a world class facility on our doorstep! LetÔÇÖs celebrate the opening together and let the new Convention Centre take us for a ride!

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