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Author: Christine
• Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Cranky kids, traffic, delayed flights, security lines and LONG hours are all things many people experience while travelling. While these things are all unavoidable and absolutely no fun, nothing is worse than finally getting to your hotel room, excited for a good nightÆs sleep and getting into a bed that you cannot get comfortable in. You toss and turn and wake up cranky.

We recognize how important a good sleep is, in fact, it is the most important factor guests say in their determination of hotel choice. For this reason, we have just purchased brand new fabulous beds for each and every room in the hotel. We sampled over 10 different beds before selecting what we found to be the very best in comfort and quality û a Simmons« Beautyrest Signature II Plush. What I would do to take a nap on one right now….

With Winterlude fast approaching we will have a very busy hotel in February. To ensure everyone has the very best experience this year, we are bringing in over 500 new beds in time for the kick-off for Winterlude. Taking out and replacing over 500 beds, while at the same time organizing available rooms for a busy hotel during this process is not an easy task. Our housekeeper however is quite amazing and has it all under control.

So we hope you enjoy sleeping on a cloud, because with these new beds there is no such thing as waking up on the wrong side. ENJOY!

VIDEO-Lord Elgin Bed Jump

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