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Author: Christine
• Thursday, January 27th, 2011

We pride ourselves on the elegant nature of the hotel, but for one day we are going to throw elegance out the window and have some sexy, flirty fun! Valentines Day offers the perfect opportunity to do this…and still get away with it.

We know that things can get a little….uh, boring after a while (luckily for us women, ValentineÆs Day doesnÆt fall on Football Sunday this year). WeÆve tried the traditional way of doing things and found them to be quit successful but by making it a bit more exciting we hope to really amp up the romance for some lucky couples.

I speak from experience when I say, even though you may be stuck in town for V-Day, itÆs still great to get away for the night, and enjoy having your every need catered to. Our ôBe My Valentineö package is an added bonus! Who can say no to chocolate covered strawberries, exotic bath and message oils, and breakfast in bed? I know I canÆt.

(Baby-sitter not included)

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Author: admin
• Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Ottawa has become a real æfoodieÆ cityàwith fantastic chefÆs and cuisine that rivals many major cities of North America. OttawaÆs Celebrity Chef Event at the NAC is proof that we have some of the best chefÆs in our town and we are loving it!

The Lord Elgin is so excited to announce the arrival of our new chef, Brian Vallipuram on January 24th. Brian is coming to us all the way from Panorama BC where he has been Executive Chef at Panorama Resort for two years. Prior to that, he has worked at the Ritz Carleton in Jamaica as well as Axcess & 1055 Restaurant and Catering. Most notably, Brian spent over 10 years as Executive Chef at the highly reputed restaurant, North 44 in Toronto, where he lead a large team that serviced both the restaurant, but also the catering business and played a vital role in the opening event of the Air Canada Centre for the Premier and 1000 of his guests.

BrianÆs resume contains a very extensive list of certificates and awards he has received over his career, among them, the Canadian Red Seal Certificate. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia adding that global influence to his culinary talents.

We are honoured to have him with us and hope you can come by to sample his creations in the coming months.

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Author: Christine
• Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Cranky kids, traffic, delayed flights, security lines and LONG hours are all things many people experience while travelling. While these things are all unavoidable and absolutely no fun, nothing is worse than finally getting to your hotel room, excited for a good nightÆs sleep and getting into a bed that you cannot get comfortable in. You toss and turn and wake up cranky.

We recognize how important a good sleep is, in fact, it is the most important factor guests say in their determination of hotel choice. For this reason, we have just purchased brand new fabulous beds for each and every room in the hotel. We sampled over 10 different beds before selecting what we found to be the very best in comfort and quality û a Simmons« Beautyrest Signature II Plush. What I would do to take a nap on one right now….

With Winterlude fast approaching we will have a very busy hotel in February. To ensure everyone has the very best experience this year, we are bringing in over 500 new beds in time for the kick-off for Winterlude. Taking out and replacing over 500 beds, while at the same time organizing available rooms for a busy hotel during this process is not an easy task. Our housekeeper however is quite amazing and has it all under control.

So we hope you enjoy sleeping on a cloud, because with these new beds there is no such thing as waking up on the wrong side. ENJOY!

VIDEO-Lord Elgin Bed Jump

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