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• Monday, September 27th, 2010

The true success of a hotel is largely attributed to it’s people, the staff that come in at 6:30 and work on their feet all day greeting guest after guest, smiling, asking how their stay was, or the day was, giving suggestions, showing they care and genuinely want them to enjoy their time with us. Some that start at 6:30 are still here at 11pm.
This is not an easy job and so when you have those gems, those people that just live to put a smile on someone’s face, they are golden!!! They are the ones that create a memoriable experience and make guests want to come back.
Our tourism office has a program to recognize these gems – called ‘Stars of the City’. Visitors and guests to our city nominate these individuals and companies that make our city ‘shine’ and they are awarded at a lovely gala evening in October put on by the students at Algonquin’s College Hospitality Program.

We are so very fortunate not only to have a slew of ‘stars’ but some Shining Stars – Tammy Ng who is nominated again this year among three nominees for the dozens of nominations she receives each year and Christopher Ward at our front desk, who has been nominated in the past and who genuinely loves to help people and they always mention him in their feedback to us. They inspire others and make us all so proud to work here. For this we are nominated as one of three for Star Property – an honour!
Working in this industry, while not easy, has a personal element that makes it so very special. I hope our kids recognize that service is so important – to go out of your way to make someone’s day. I would like to thank all of you who take the time to recognize our Stars!!

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